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got a daughter who'll eat anything

they like to feed her words, words, words

30 December
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about me
Well, he sits down with a grin. "Why little Alice, where've you been?
Not so little, not so Alice, now, are you?"
As he sips my untouched drink, I say, "I can't be who I think."
He says, "You are, and you're not, and I am too.
Are we figments of our gin? Are we long-lost orphaned kin?
Or the mad descendants of a writer's pen?
No one's sane behind their mask. Ask what you really want to ask."
- The Girl that's Never Been, Michelle Dockrey [lyrics]

Hi, I'm Ria. I exist. Apparently.

I'm in my twenties. I like to sleep a lot, buy too many books, and write. I'm currently working on a book about a teen werewolf whose life turns upside down in a short space of time. I spend too much money and things catch my eye far too easily.

This journal is friends-locked. Fanfiction is public.

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