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wibbling and a PoT drabble

I am bored. And getting increasingly angsty about the next few days. I should go home and pack, but it's hard doing anything with this coil of nerves in my stomach.


Right off the top of my head:


Tezuka has been called self-sacrificing before, many times, sometimes as a joke and sometimes not (Oishi's serious, frightened gaze haunts him, sometimes, when he closes his eyes, and he knows that he doesn't deserve any of this). He's been accused of taking his role as Buchou too seriously, an accusation not without truth, but Tezuka knows that he is not important in the full scheme of things.

Strange, how a twelve year old boy did become the most important thing.

Sometimes, when he looks up and sees golden eyes upon him, he can still feel the throb in his arm, hear Oishi's cautions in his ear and the screaming of trains overhead. He looks away, but can still feel Echizen's gaze on him.

Echizen... is...

Tezuka opens his eyes and looks down to find Ryoma asleep beside him, Karupin dozing in his arms. He scratches behind the cat's ears (love me, love my cat) and Karupin purrs, opening one eye and snuggling his head against Tezuka's thigh. Tezuka brushes Ryoma's cheek with his fingertips and then runs his fingers through his hair, before turning his gaze back to the book balanced on his lap.

Thankfully, Ryoma really never liked sacrifices.

Well, it's eaither this or start spamming bookshop's LJ with PoT drabbles. God, I want the nerves to go away. :(

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