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Sherlock (BBC)/Doctor Who fic: Voices in Her Head

Title: Voices in Her Head
Author: Ria
Fandoms: Sherlock (BBC) and Doctor Who
Disclaimer: Sherlock and Doctor Who are property of the BBC, Moffat, Gatiss and whoever else owns them. I certainly don't, and I'm making no profit from this.
Rating: PG-13
Words: 658.
Pairings: None.
Warnings: Hints of emotional and physical abuse towards a child.
Spoilers: Spoilers in particular for The Reichenbach Fall and River's arc in S6 of Doctor Who.
Summary: Moriarty kidnapped River Song to brainwash her against the Doctor and Sherlock.

Notes: Written for this prompt at sherlockbbc_fic. Seeing as this is DW, I've messed around with S6's timeline a bit. This is my first completed foray into Sherlock fic, by way of Doctor Who. I'm a little nervous.

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The Book of Imaginary Beasts (Story: Frozen Violet)

Hey guys, the latest issue, no. 14, of imaginarybeasts is up. The Book of Imaginary Beasts is a "bi-monthly webzine dedicated to original fiction of the oneshot variety". The current theme is "Carnivale" and I submitted a story (Frozen Violet) for it. However the lovely llyse agreed when I asked her if she would consider illustrating it for me! So I also got an awesome picture for it, along with the wallpaper/cover art (as I think of it) which I've shown below:

It'd be awesome if you took a look--there are also several other brilliant ones in this issue, though I haven't yet settled down to give them a proper read through (need to sleep, unfortunately).

There was no warning when the bank crumpled under his feet and he plunged into the river.
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Utena ficlet: Blood Bears Truth (NC-17)

...sheepishly owning up to this. I... I haven't written anything quite like this in some time, and I have no idea where it came from or how it tied together, but it did. All I can say is that something about Utena/Akio sets off all my danger, danger, very messed-up pairing ahead! bells. :/ I hope someone enjoys this at least.

(Written for the Anthy/Utena or Akio/Utena - bondage, knife play, cutting prompt in the Utena Kink Meme)

Blood Bears Truth
Pairings: Utena/Akio, Utena/Anthy
Rating: NC-17 (really, really NC-17)
Warnings: sex, bondage, blood-play, sex, some very uncomfortable knife-play, sex, allusions towards insanity.
Summary: Two broken princes try to reclaim what can never be theirs again.
Anthy/Utena or Akio/Utena - bondage, knife play, cutting

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Twilight Fic: The Thing that Feels [PG-13] (1)

Title: The Thing that Feels
Author: Ria
Fandom: Stephenie Meyer's Twilight universe
Disclaimer: None of this is mine. Trust me on this.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: All events up to the beginning of Twilight; character backstories.
Pairings: The eventual pre-Twilight established pairings; currently gen. Carlisle-centric.
Warnings: Horror, darkness - the usual for a vampire series.
Summary: The whispers travel swiftly throughout the city: vampyre, vampyre. There is a vampyre in our city.

Carlisle has reluctantly been an unwiling spectator of his father's vengeance and obsession for years, watching countless innocents being hunted down and put to death. But no one is prepared for the hunts to reveal a horrifying truth, one that will change Carlisle's life forever and begin his descent into hell...

Author's Notes: This is my first fic in the Twilight universe. I've been a fan of the books for quite a while, since Twilight first came out, yet it only occured to me to try my hand at writing fic now. Heh. The story title is taken from the song The Thing that Feels by Hannah Fury.

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Pirates Ficlet: The Ferryman (PG; Will-centric)

Title: The Ferryman
Rating: PG
Prompt: 'Ends' and 'New Beginnings'
Word count: 496
Pairing: Will-centric (background Will/Elizabeth)
Disclaimer: PotC definitely isn't mine; no profit is being made.
Spoilers Spoilers for AWE; please don't read if you haven't seen it yet.
Summary: It is not precisely how he would have had things end. (written for potc_love)

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Utena drabble: Your Truth [ R] [Utena/Anthy(+Akio)]

Title: Your Truth
Author: Ria
Fandom: Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
Disclaimer: Not mine, etc.
Rating: R; hints of graphic sex
Words: 662
Notes: "Made to Order" challenge for girlchild in utenadrabble: Utena/Anthy/Akio. Post-series. Preferably graphic Utena/Anthy sex, with mention of some kind of physical impairment Utena now has (i.e. blindness, scars, et cetera.) Also, I'd rather not have Akio appear in a physical context-- more like a ghost, or a memory, or a phone conversation.
Summary: She doesn't believe in fairytales, and she has no secrets to tell.

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BBS issue 09

Issue 9 of bb_shousetsu is up. I wrote White Paper, Black Ink for it:

Ren always wishes that he would write epic fantasy about princes, princesses, knights and kingdoms. He wants the passion, the desire, the rage. He wants words crafted around clashing swords, groaning armor, and blood-stained battlefields. He wants that which is no longer real because he wants Ryuu to make it real for him.

Almost like an unintentional slap in the face, Ryuu's writing is, in reality, depressingly mundane. He writes about quiet, everyday relationships slowly destroying themselves from within; about people unable to see that they no longer love their significant other, but still willing to keep up with the charade. Lately, he's been trying not to think about how his writing is beginning to reflect his actual life.

Ryuu never thinks about Ren while he writes.

Thanks to Chiya, who beta'd. ♥

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