Ria (kessie) wrote,

The Book of Imaginary Beasts (Story: Frozen Violet)

Hey guys, the latest issue, no. 14, of imaginarybeasts is up. The Book of Imaginary Beasts is a "bi-monthly webzine dedicated to original fiction of the oneshot variety". The current theme is "Carnivale" and I submitted a story (Frozen Violet) for it. However the lovely llyse agreed when I asked her if she would consider illustrating it for me! So I also got an awesome picture for it, along with the wallpaper/cover art (as I think of it) which I've shown below:

It'd be awesome if you took a look--there are also several other brilliant ones in this issue, though I haven't yet settled down to give them a proper read through (need to sleep, unfortunately).

There was no warning when the bank crumpled under his feet and he plunged into the river.
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