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BBS issue 09

Issue 9 of bb_shousetsu is up. I wrote White Paper, Black Ink for it:

Ren always wishes that he would write epic fantasy about princes, princesses, knights and kingdoms. He wants the passion, the desire, the rage. He wants words crafted around clashing swords, groaning armor, and blood-stained battlefields. He wants that which is no longer real because he wants Ryuu to make it real for him.

Almost like an unintentional slap in the face, Ryuu's writing is, in reality, depressingly mundane. He writes about quiet, everyday relationships slowly destroying themselves from within; about people unable to see that they no longer love their significant other, but still willing to keep up with the charade. Lately, he's been trying not to think about how his writing is beginning to reflect his actual life.

Ryuu never thinks about Ren while he writes.

Thanks to Chiya, who beta'd. ♥

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